10 Reasons Why You Still Can’t Start Your Own Dream Online Business AND what is REALLY going on?


As an entrepreneurship and marketing instructor at the start of every semester I ask my students why they are taking the courses and every single semester the responses run something like this:
“I would love to start my own business BUT..”
1.“..I don’t have an idea”
2. “..I hate selling I feel like I am begging them to buy my product”
3. “..I am shy”
4. “..I hate talking to people I don’t already know”
5. “..I. wish I knew exactly what steps to take”
6. “..I don’t want to sound sleazy/aggressive”
7. “..I feel it would damage my reputation/credibility in my current career”
8. “..I can’t invest much”
9. “..I don’t have any marketing/technical skills”
10. “..I’m not an expert at anything yet”
Sound familiar?

You would think I’ve asked them why they have not set up a porn website featuring themselves-stretch marks and all!

Can you see that the statements above are actually excuses or invisible negative scripts disguised as reasons that are holding you back?

You can Google small business ideas and get 50 within a few seconds, online businesses don’t require actual contact with people in the beginning, many business can be set-up with less than $100, and I could go on and on.

What do you actually mean when you are saying these things…that you are afraid.

And that’s OK.

It is natural for most people to fear change, getting old for one. We have a booming industry which capitalizes on this fear: the anti-aging cosmetics business. One, two, five years from now would you regret not overcoming your fears and taking control of your life by starting your own online business?

Why should you start your own business?

  • Money: Don’t you wish you could make (more) money from the comfort of your home.
  • Freedom: You get to be your own boss and escape the cubicle nation’s 9-5 slavery.Don’t you want to be able to stay at home mom who is there for her babies’ first steps while having an identity other than ‘mom’.
  • Identity: Starting your own online business empowers you to maintain who you were before the baby with the added perk of your own income and personal achievements.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility of working from home allows to achieve the ultimate balance between your family life and career.
  • Mobility: You can work from anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to embrace a positive change?

So now that you have shaken the shackles of fear that have been holding you back how do you break free?


No-I don’t mean therapy. I know some of you have already started to narrow your eyes, crinkle your foreheads in preparation of a ‘hard sell’.

Relax, I’m not selling you anything today.

But someone needs to tell you that you can’t do it on your own. If you try that you will be like most businesses that barely make ends meet.

Look at top performers in any field be they star athletes, singer, dancers professionals like surgeons they all have some form of coaches, mentors who train them. They all need to read up on ways to hone their natural abilities.

There are a plethora of free  and paid resources out there do your research, so that you don’t get duped by unscrupulous people claiming to be online gurus.

Think about it- how many times has your mom/friend given you free advice which you didn’t take, only later to heed it when it came from a paid professional. My mom told me a million times to lay off the chocolate to heal my acne but did I listen? No, not until my expensive dermatologist showed me how to identify my triggers through a self-test did I take her professional recommendation. It is the psychology of how our brains work. We value professional recommendations more-they have greater credibility and influence over our decision-making.

Finally, when you have done your initial research go ahead and follow your gut… take action, just do it!

In the past year I have helped many of the students whose reasons for not starting a business I listed at the beginning of the post. They were held back their fears, confusion and lack of practical experience.

I then guided them and helped in the launch of 20 small businesses.

Today I want to help YOU.

So tell me what is stopping you from starting your dream business and how can I help (for free)?

Tell me in the comments below, I read every comment.